Saturday, May 5, 2012

Things That Make...

This blog is a spot to chronicle various aspects of my life that are indeed what make life worth living, which to my mind continues to be much better than the alternative.  After five years of fighting the beast, I do not take something so simple as life for granted.  I treasure every moment, even the unpleasant ones, because there's time enough for the next big adventure when I'm in the grave and the essence of me is on to much better things.  Until then, I will savor.

I expect this place it to be eclectic, sometimes funny, sometimes serious, with both beauty and absurdity in fair measure.  Homey and snooty.  Ridiculous and sublime.  Candy corn and crème brûlée.  Pearls Before Swine and Michelangelo.  Angry Birds and Scrabble.  

I'll post photos of things that come from my hand, from my studio, from my sewing machine, my mind.  I'll share the work of other creative people as well, because there are so very many of them on this planet we should appreciate them whenever we can.  Vacation essays will certainly appear from time to time.  You'll see photos of my homebrewing exploits whether you like it or not.  And the cats, pesky little things, pesky furry little things.  I'll wax eloquent about this and that, link to things that please me or tickle my fancy in some way.  If I hurt your feelings, well, too bad.  Nothing in the Constitution that forbids that, and I am a big fan of the Constitution (as this blog will also chronicle).

Even if nobody but me ever sees it, it will be worth it, so.  Yeah.  Now to decorate the place, because right now it's pretty boring.  Ugly even.  Hey, I call it as I see it.  

So how do you work this thing?

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