Friday, July 25, 2014

At Last! It's Mine!

Well, after years of waiting and weeks of anxiety whether I'd get it or not, it seems to be mine.  Mine, I tell you, mine!

Well, mine and the bank's.  God willing I'm around in 30 years and hale and hearty enough to enjoy owing it outright.

I expect--and hope--to see photos of how we change it from being mine to being mine.

Here are a few photos of a walkthrough we did several weeks ago so we can keep track of how it slowly gets (hopefully) transformed.

This is the front room, which is rather small, and I could do without the fireplace, actually.  I doubt I'll use it, but it's there.  This room will probably be my studio/office.

This is from the dining area (kitchen is on right, back door is on left) looking into the hall and two of the bedrooms.  I'm not all that stoked by the tile--which has been poorly laid in any event--and what we'd really like to do is strip everything down to bare concrete and stain it gloriously.  

The kitchen has been totally redone, and although the backsplash hasn't been well grouted, that's easy to remedy and is at the top of the to-do list.  Appliances are all new, and while I wouldn't have chosen black, it is what is.  

Trying to decide where to put what, although we know that it'll take a bit of shifting to put 2300 sf of stuff into a much smaller 1300 sf house.  

This is the master bedroom closet.  It's big, but there's nothing there but an unsupported shelf.  This will be hopefully transformed soon, and my cousin Cat has promised to advise, as she has just done her about-to-be-born son's closet in their house.  I did say I'd let her give birth first, which I think is quite generous of me!

The carpet--all of the carpet will be removed as soon as we get the keys.  Hopefully Habitat for Humanity can use it, because I'd almost rather live on decomposed granite than carpet.

Okay, not even almost.

This is from the passthrough that leads to the hallway, showing the kitchen, the "dining" area, and the poorly-laid tile.  the bright spot to the right is from a sliding door to the back yard.

The kitchen in my previous house was so delightfully huge, airy, and full of counter, cupboard, and drawer space that I have become dreadfully spoiled.  There is no place in this kitchen area for my fantastic butcher block island, which distresses me, but I'll figure it out, and I'll deal. No ingratitude here, lemme tell ya.

The refrigerator, which is currently in a pod and has been for a month, goes here.

Here's a corner of the back yard.  Eventually it will be mostly raised beds, although there is a lot of shade that might cause my gardening hopes to be a bit more difficult.  The back wall is a sound wall that is on a not very busy street, so only two neighbors who both have woof-woof dogs.  I like neighbors with dogs, because dogs bark when someone who is not supposed to be there comes around. Emily has a dog who does that too, but she's not as big as these dogs sound.

Eventually we hope to have hops growing on this arbor-ish thing.  The paint is badly peeling, though, so we'll need to do that soon, hopefully before winter. 

So very much to do, but hopefully I'll have plenty of time to do it.  Now all I need is the money!

Yes, I look very tired.  It's been a long summer, band not in the good way.

I can't wait to get the keys and start moving in!  This has been a very difficult summer, but it'll be worth it once we can settle into a house that does not belong to someone else. We can paint, pull carpet up, remove shower doors, install pet doors, tear out grass, build raised beds, whatever we want. It's mine.


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