Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Candid Camera

I have a dock in my classroom that both plays music from my iPhone (a necessity for grading, I assure you) and charges it. It's usually tucked away under my desk so it's not easily reachable from student territory, and I usually keep the phone on the dock so it stays charged.  Today I was taking photos of the activity we were doing, and the camera was still up when I put the phone in the dock.  Inadvertently touched the button, and voila!  Here I am, third period, way more tired than I look.  

The dang thing took three photos, two exactly like that one and this one a nanosecond afterwards.  I had just realized that I was taking photos of myself, thus the look.

Recorded for posterity, I am.  And I'm still amazed how well the phone takes photos.  Siri, what can't she do?

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