Thursday, May 10, 2012

Europe, Here I Come!

I'll be spending about a month across the pond this summer, visiting Mark & Emily (and the Guntons!) in England and Michael and Merethe (and the Dertz fam!) in Norway.  If we can afford it we'll make a car trip up to Scotland as well.  I'm so excited, as I've not been to the UK yet and I've always wanted to go.

To start, there's this.  My beloveds live in Hull, so that's our base of operations.  Stonehenge is a must, which we can do in one loooong day, and one longer multi-day trip, either Scotland or Ireland (probably Scotland, as you don't need a ferry to get there).  London's probably going to be crazy due to the Olympics, so we might not get down there at all, although we do plan to head south to see The Stoat and the Badger who live down there somewhere, south.  In England.  Or so they say, and why would they lie?

As I say, I'm quite excited, and am having fun with the first stages of planning.  I'm teaching summer school so I can have some shekels to spend whilst there, although it will definitely be a budget trip.  Just being there will be enough at this point.



  1. and we are excited about having you here! I can't wait!!!

  2. Well, we all have to wait, don't we?! :)