Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Studio Day

I never know what the heck will come out of time spent in my studio, which is rare enough due to the day job.  But since it's (briefly) summer holidays, I went down there today and puttered around with some clay.  I liked what I had so well I searched around to find something to make with it, and these two bracelets were the result:

The photo sucks because iPhoto is acting petulant and not letting me edit photos, but you get the idea.  They look like green marble.  One is round and the other a slight oval. Much hand sanding/buffing brought them to a soft shine, and I'm fairly happy with them.  I'll put them on Etsy as soon as I can edit the photos so they don't suck.


  1. Beautiful. Looks like shell from the photo... Melody

  2. I sold one of them before I even got it on Etsy. :)