Sunday, August 10, 2014

Summer, 1957

We are still unloading boxes and boxes and boxes, but this photo jumped out at me from one of them and I had to immediately scan it and put it on Facebook so my aunt could see it.  This is my dad's youngest sister, aged 13.  I know this because I was maybe 9 months old here and I was born on her thirteenth birthday, and I hope I may be forgiven for thinking she's just the most adorable teenager ever. I'm rather fond of my aunt.

Anyway, this morning we woke up to the unhappy discovery that the washer connection had leaked and water had seeped under the laminate in the hall and flowed freely into the one bedroom that we hadn't pulled the carpet out of yet.  Water and laminate are not good friends (although boy howdy does it wick water like a champ), and it was ruined halfway down the hall, so Emily pulled it all out while Elizabeth and I pulled more boxes out of the POD and tried unsuccessfully to put.stuff.somewhere.  To pull up the ruined laminate Emily had to also pull up the baseboards, which were ugly and cheap anyway, and would have been taken out soon regardless (just not this soon).  She found that the drywall was not in good shape under the baseboards, and they'd just covered up holes with impunity (instead of actual, you know...patches).  So we've got to repair the drywall, decide what to do with the floor (concrete), and redo everything from the ground up.

We also pulled the carpet out of the last bedroom and put it out in the sun, once it's dry it'll join the rest at the Habit for Humanity Re-Store, as it's new and there's no reason for it not be used by someone who actually likes carpet.  Emily is at this very moment pounding away at the nail boards.  A friend is puttering about the mess that is the sprinkler system, as there's nothing that man likes better than a puzzle having to do with electronics. And I'm back to work tomorrow morning.

Quite a mess for only a week and a half of being here, isn't it?

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