Wednesday, June 27, 2012

I Hate Ruffles

I know, I know, it's been ages since I posted and what do I do?  Whine about something, in this case, ruffles.

Why do I hate ruffles?  Because they're a pain.  You take a strip of fabric something like this:

Yeah, that sheet's being washed, ugh.
And by dint of much perseverance, turn it into a loooong (in this case) ruffle.  First, you have to sew the gathering stitches, then you have to gather it.  No photos of that, sorry, but it's pretty boring, so really...I spared you.  

This was not from a pattern, I was pretty much just making it up as I went along.  Why I decided to put a ruffle on it is beyond me, because--in case I didn't mention it--ruffles are a chore and a half when you start from stratch (see the first photo) as I did.  

With a normal pattern, there are marks on the ruffle that match up with marks on the garment, so you more or less know how much gathering you need to do to make the ruffle be the length it needs to be to fit the garment.  I marked the...middle.  And gathered it on either side of the middle, hoping for the best, length-wise.  

Once you get it more or less the right length, you start pinning it to the garment, and this is where it's really a pain.  

If you don't pin it close enough it's going to be a beast to sew without catching the ruffle in the seam in places you don't want to catch the ruffle.

So you pin and pin and pin and pin, in this case nearly 100 inches of ruffle.

Still a lot to pin, but look how nicely it's all gathered!

It takes a loooong time.

Finally, after two or three days of pinning, it's time to put it in the machine and try to sew it without catching the loose end of the ruffle in the seam.  You actually have to be careful and watch where you are sewing.  Sew sew sew...all nearly 100 inches, which doesn't seem like much until you're putting a ruffle on it, trust me.  

At last!  To the end of the seam.  Well...almost.  Usually when I'm making something I'm uber careful to get it right and not sew anything wrong and to make it as nice on the inside as I can.  Not this skirt, you know why?  I'LL PROBABLY ONLY WEAR IT ONCE.  

Yes, you heard me right, once.  My darling daughter has signed us up for this race, the Color Run.  It sounds like a blast and I'm really looking forward to it, but to really get into the race you need to wear all white.  So I had to make us white running (or, in my case, walking) skirts and white compression shorts for under.  As I was making hers, I foolishly thought that they'd be kind of kicky and cute if I put a ruffle on them, and instead of going over to Joann's and buying pre-gathered ruffle, I made mine from scratch.  Oooof.

Anyway, while usually I go to more trouble to make things pretty and perfect, in this case I just tucked the seam allowance to one side and topstitched it.  Good enough, right?

I swear, there's dog/cat hair EVERYWHERE in this house.

Finally, I was done with the ruffle, and at this point, I hated it a little less.

Because I was done with it, yes, true, but I did hate it less.

Then it was only a matter of putting on a quick and dirty waistband and topstitching that (don't look at the wrong side of the fabric, please!)...

...making the marks for the snaps...

...installing the male side of the snaps...

Look at how nice those holes up there look!  I love these plastic snaps!

 Here's the installation of the female side of the snap. The one on the right is done, the one of the left isn't.  Them things is pointy before you compress 'em, let me tell you.  Don't step on 'em.

Until all ten snaps are done and voila!  It's finished!

No photos of the finished skirt, but after the race I'm sure I'll have plenty.

And as an aside, here's a photo of the jammies I made for my son's three nephews in Oslo.  Cute!

Left to right, for William (three in September), as yet unborn baby Dertz, and Peter, born in April.  
W is for Villiam.  

I leave for England on Monday morning, so you might not hear from me again until then.  See you on the other side of the pond!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Summer School, Days 13-16

Tomorrow is the last day of summer school, glory hallelujah.  I turned in my timesheets today and will be getting the bulk of the moolah on July 10th, yippee!  This week's cash is going towards food for the three of us for the time I'm there, yay!

One more day.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Summer School, Day 12

Were putting this day towards general gas and hotel costs, maybe one hotel night and half a tank of gas. The dollars, they are small in England. :)

Light blogging, we're seeing Wicked tonight and will be at Faire the rest of the weekend...look for photos next week!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Bottling the Oatmeal Stout

Yeah, it's been done with primary for several days, and since I need to get everything done before I leave in two and a half weeks, we bottled it today.

We also started one of the beers we're making for my niece's wedding, we're so multitasking and cool stuff like that.

Anyway, here's how it goes: