Monday, June 11, 2012

Summer School, Day 9 (of 16)

Today's summer school bounty will go towards general fuel expenses whilst motoring about England and Scotland next month, it ought to get me about 3 tanks of gas or thereabouts, depending on how much Mark & Emily's car holds and how much it costs per gallon.

It might be for a day trip from Birmingham (where Mark's parents live)...

Birmingham collage

...down to the Salisbury Plain...

Typical Salisbury Plain (the one in England, duh) topography. see Stonehenge...

Everyone knows what THIS is!

...or perhaps for a day trip from Hull...

Late 19th Century Hull York...

York with the Minster in the center,

...maybe just to pay for the gas to and from the Manchester airport the four times I'll need to.

And this would be the Manchester airport.  

Whatever, it's paid for as of 1 PM today.


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