Monday, June 4, 2012


The longest car tunnel in the world, which is basically between Oslo (been there) and Bergen (been there too).

Those are cities in Norway, by the way...I've discovered that most Americans can ID about three Norwegian cities: Oslo, Lillehammer, and perhaps Bergen.  I was one of those Americans until my son became a Norwegian. :)

Anyway, when I was there visiting M & M two years ago, Michael and I took the train from Oslo to Bergen, so we missed this tunnel.  Not that it was a wasted trip, however, as that route is considered one of the most beautiful in Europe, which I found to be true and is amply illustrated by the photos I took from the train in 2010:

Every podunk one-horse town had a picturesque station, some bigger, some smaller, but all impossibly European and cute.  I loved them because we don't really have anything like that in the USA in these modern times.  

Many of the buildings are roofed in slate.  Can't imagine where they got it.

Yes, a glacier!  I saw fjords, too!  

Okay, it's not gorgeous Norwegian scenery, so sue me.  I actually stepped out of the train WITHOUT MICHAEL all by myself IN A FOREIGN COUNTRY to get this shot, which was exceedingly brave of me.  I don't get out much.

But still...nearly 25 km? That's a heck of a tunnel.

Someday I hope we can drive from Oslo to Bergen instead of taking the train.  M & M clearly need to buy a car.


  1. Thank you for the Michael pic. I would like to suggest to the management that these become obligatory in every entry.

  2. It's my little public service, just for you. :)

    Of course, I could do the occasional post of Michael pictures, but then I'd have to do all of them or I'd have a sibling battle on my hands, and it wouldn't b pretty if they are ever all on the same continent at the same time. It's been years, so we're probably safe, but I'm just warning you.


    1. Then I think we should convince Michael to start his own blog, consisting of nothing more than daily photos of himself.